Worship Resources

Check out these useful websites to improve your worship:

CJM’s Website
– CJM are an excellent British worship band. They lead the music each year at the Walsingham Youth Pilgrimage amongst other places.

Mike Anderson’s Website
– Mike Anderson is famous for his “clappy Gloria” and for “Sing it in the Valleys”.  This site contains MP3 clips of loads of his music.  Lots of liturgical settings and some good lively hymns too.

St Thomas of Canterbury – the website for the music group of this Roman Catholic Church (in Woodford east London) contains MP3 files for a load of modern worship songs.  Mainly Old favourites – but a good place to start looking if you want to know what something sounds like.  And – hey – any Roman site that quotes Martin Luther has to worth a look at!

Agnus Dei – A compendium of Sacramental Videos and Worship Resources free to download and use in your worship – produced by Fr Simon Rundell who runs an Anglo Catholic Anternative Worship service called Blessed, leads high tech masses at Greenbelt and does the techie stuff at the Walsingham Youth Pilgrimage.

CEC worship – a You Tube channel created by Joel Klambert, music director from Life Path Charismatic Episcopal Church

CEC worship – A Facebook Group- set up for discussion of worship in the Charismatic Episcopal Church, but also with a good number of Anglo-Catholic Charismatics as members.

Spirit and Song – A division of OCP- Spirit and Song are the main American publisher of Roman Catholic Charismatic worship music.  Especially check out Mat Maher and his album the End and the beginning which has an excellent stuff on it, particularly the sgnus dei.