List of Churches

These churches include
1) Those that are explicitly Anglo-Catholic Charismatic
2) Those that would not use that label but whose worship blends the catholic, the evangelical and the charismatic.
3) Those that might have a different inherited tradition, but where the vicar is a Catholic charismatic
These churches take different views over issues such as the ordination of women, and if you hold strong views either way on that or any other subject, you are recommended to check out the church’s own website.

Holy Trinity Barkingside
St Joseph the Worker Northolt – second site
St Barts Ipswich
St Barnabas Northolt
St Mary and St Nicholas Perivale
St Nicholas Hayes
St John the Evangelist, Upper Norwood
Holy Trinity Hounslow
St Michael’s and Holy Cross Tividale
St Luke’s York – second site
Priory Church of the Holy Trinity, Christ Church Dorset
St James’s Exeter – second site
Holy Family Failsworth, Oldham

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